Homestead Land

We started looking for land about three years ago.   I went online and with the help of Google started searching for our future homestead.  I remember searching every state for land because I wanted to know where I would find the best deal on property.  We knew we wanted at least ten acres but would settle for more if we could afford it.  We were living in Florida at the time and knew we would probably have to leave the state to find a piece of property that fell into our price range.  What started off as fun soon led to some serious discussions about buying property.  Before long I was coming across land in Arkansas anywhere from one to two thousand an acre.  To be honest I don't know if that is a great deal but let me explain it from a Florida perspective.  In St. Augustine Florida you can buy a 1/4 acre lot with an older house and can expect to pay at least a hundred and fifty thousand dollars or more.  Most of the time its more.  So when you start comparing the price of property in Florida to Arkansas you start to ask yourself why your living in Florida.

Hoping to find the perfect piece of land for our future homestead in Arkansas

We drove to Arkansas from Florida after finding the land in the above picture for sale.  This property was one of seven tracks for sale along a year round creek.  Each track ranged from 10 to 20 acres or more.  It had open clearings as well as wooded areas and it was in the middle of nowhere making it the perfect land for our homestead!  We bought track seven.  My father bought track six.  My sister's father in law purchased tracks three, four, and five.  That gave our family about 80 acres of land between us but we hoped we could talk someone else in our family to purchase tracks one and two but unfortunately that never worked out Now we just need a tractor and a bush hog so that we can knock down the open areas of our land so that we will be one step closer towards our future homestead!

How we plan on turning our land into our future homestead

Our goal is to turn our piece of land into our very own self-reliant homestead.  We want to build a few cabins so that we can move to the property.  Once we our living on our land we will start working on our first garden.  We will get some fruit trees in the ground as well as some berries going.  As we do more research we would like to introduce some chickens, pigs, and maybe a dairy cow to our land.  We have a lot to learn and we will not rush into anything until we feel comfortable. We would like to master any current project before we move on to something else so that we don't get overwhelmed. We will continue to post our experiences going forward as we journey into homesteading.  Thanks for checking out our site!

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About This BLOG

The Zion Project is what my family is calling our journey into homesteading. Call it simple living, homesteading, self sufficient or even self reliant because its all the same to us. I wish that I could say that we are successful homesteaders with a lot of helpful advice to share with you but that's not the case. Not yet anyways. We are learning as we go and we invite you to stick around as we attempt to become more self reliant by living off the land.

The Zion Project

A family's desire to go from city to farm. From endless traffic lights to endless country dirt roads. A desire to walk in a garden instead of a grocery store. A choice to raise chickens instead of buying eggs. A dream to build a house instead of owning a thirty year mortgage. A place where family and friends are more important then careers. To create a homestead with the focus of becoming self reliant. To become dependent on the land we live on and not the society we created around it. The ability to thrive in world that appears to be falling apart in so many ways.

Why do we want a more self-reliant lifestyle?

My family was living in St. Augustine Florida when we first started thinking about becoming more self sufficient. I don't remember exactly when and where but I am sure it had to do with the rough economy, rising gas prices, and rising food prices when we realized the world we live in is far from stable. Add in five nights a week of Glenn Beck and a wake up call from Hurricane Katrina and we realized that our family wasn't prepared to survive a week without Wal-Mart. The truth makes you sick at first but also makes you stronger if you choose not to ignore it.We have a lot of reasons for choosing a more simple life. More then anything I think we want more options. We want to learn how to grow our own fruits and vegetables as well as raising our own dairy cow for the milk, cheese and butter. We also want to raise our own chickens so that we would have our own source of eggs and meat on our homestead. This way of living has always been around but we feel its becoming more and more important for people to at least know how to live off the land.

The Road Ahead

This is not a story about how we did it. We are a long ways from that. This is a story about how we are doing it. One sacrifice at a time. We are taking this opportunity to use this forum to document our experiences. We are calling it the Zion Project.